Anti-fatigue mats

ERGOMAT anti-fatigue mats were developed specifically to solve the problems of short-term fatigue and long-term injury associated with standing work positions. This product line represents the most advanced technology for this purpose available in the marketplace today.

By providing an elastic surface to stand on, an ERGOMAT stimulates muscle activity in feet and legs. As described above, this is important for the proper function of the venous pump and hence for the prevention of fatigue and injury.

Ergomat Thermal Imaging  

This thermal photograph compares circulation in the lower body of a standing worker. The image on the right shows the worker standing on an ERGOMAT. Red and yellow tones indicate higher skin temperatures resulting from stimulated muscle activity and hence circulation in the legs and feet, promoted by the ERGOMAT's unique elastic properties and proprietary polymer formulation. The image on the left shows circulation patterns without the ERGOMAT. Blues and greens in this image are evidence of poor circulation, a reliable predictor of fatigue and muscle disorders.

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